Terms & Conditions

Booking Confirmation

Bookings are guaranteed only after full payment, including the administration fee, has reached Hospitality London’s bank account. Hospitality London reserves the right to cancel any booking where payment has not been received by the due date.

Payments and Bank Charges

All outstanding monies must be paid 7 days after invoice date or 4 weeks before visitor’s arrival, whichever is the sooner, and all late reservations will require payment in full prior to arrival.
All payments must be made in pounds sterling (GBP) as all due moneys are invoiced in UK pound sterling.
All payments for extensions must be made to Hospitality London directly and not to the host family.
For all payments made by credit card please add 3% . Hospitality London will not pay for any bank charges. This is also applicable to any refunds payable to the visitor. Refunds will be made in the same method that the payment was received and will be at the discretion of Hospitality London.
Please add £15 to your payment to cover all bank charges for Bank Transfers in the UK. It is important that you consult your bank when making bank transfers to Hospitality London, with regards to any charges that may be applicable in your country. Hospitality London will not pay for the bank charges from your country.

Airport Transfers and Arrival

Hospitality London must be notified of the arrival time at least two working days before arrival in the UK otherwise Hospitality London will not guarantee that there will be someone waiting at the host home, nor will Hospitality London be liable for any extra expenses incurred as a result of this.
Hospitality London will not be responsible where incorrect information regarding the arrival has been provided. Hospitality London will try to recover all costs arising from any incorrect information provided.
A charge for all "no-show" bookings will be made by Hospitality London, except where Hospitality London is clearly at fault for non-collection.

Visitor’s Complaints

In the event of any visitor been unsatisfied with their accommodation, Hospitality London will aim to provide alternative accommodation. In this case,1 week’s notice must be given to the host and to Hospitality London.
Hospitality London will not be responsible for the payment of fees for hotel stays or accommodation not booked by us in the event that you choose not to stay in the booked accommodation, for any reason.

Transfer of Visitors

Hospitality London reserves the right to move a visitor from their accommodation or refuse to accommodate any visitor should their behaviour be considered unacceptable.

Visitors extension of stay

Hospitality London must be given 2 week’s notice if a visitor wishes to extend their stay Extensions are subject to availability. If an extension within the same family is not possible, Hospitality London will endeavour to find a similar alternative.
The host family must give Hospitality London and the guest 2 week's notice, if they wish to terminate the accommodation early and Hospitality London will seek alternative accommodation for the visitor.
All revisions and extensions to a visitor’s stay must be done through Hospitality London directly and not the host family.

Visitors early departure

Any visitor wishing to leave their accommodation early, must give Hospitality London 2 weeks’ notice. In the event of no notice being given, the visitor will be charged up to 3 weeks of accommodation.


For stays of all duration, if a visitor cancels their accommodation with:
•    More than 30 days notice: there will be a 100% refund minus the £35 admin charge
•    Between 29-8 days: there will be a full refund minus 1 week accommodation and the £35 admin charge
•    Between 7-3 days: there will be a full refund minus 2 weeks accommodation and the £35 admin charge
•    Less than 3 working (Monday to Friday only) days, there will be a full refund minus 4 weeks accommodation and the £35 admin charge. If the booking is for less than 4 weeks there will be no refund.
For all “no-shows” there will be a charge of up to 4 weeks accommodation costs plus the £35 admin fee. Should the booking be for less than 4 weeks there will be no refund.
In all cases the admin fee of £35 is non-refundable.
Hospitality London must receive all Cancellation requests during  office hours, which are from 09.00 – 17.00 (London time) Monday to Friday. Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays (including the days between Christmas and New Year) are excluded.

Visa Cancellation Policy

In the event that a visitor has been refused entry into the UK, Hospitality London must be given a copy of the visa refusal letter from the British Embassy within 7 days of it being issued if any refund is to be awarded. In such cases, Hospitality London will not refund the £35 admin fee nor any supplementary expenses incurred. Failure to do so will mean the visitor incurring the cancellation charges above.
Should the visitor cancel or terminate the accommodation early due to sickness or death of visitor, family member or travelling companion, the above cancellation terms apply.


Hospitality London strongly advises all visitors to take out travel insurance to cover matters concerning personal injuries and loss or damage of personal items. Hospitality London and their hosts can accept no responsibility for such matters during the course of the visitor’s stay.
Use of phone, domestic appliances, washing facilities, and kitchen are up to the host family’s discretion. All damage to property belonging to the host and the loss of the front door keys, are payable by the visitor. The visitor is expected to conduct themselves in a reasonable manner in terms of excessive noise, bringing guests to the home especially after 10pm, and the use of hosts’ facilities.